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5 Critical Formal Fashion Items for Men

July 27, 2018

Have you been invited to a formal occasion? Weddings, job interviews, contract negotiations, and black tie events are all examples of formal occasions that require you to look at your best. If you have no idea on where to start in completing your formal wardrobe here are five critical items that you should aim to buy first.

5 An Elegant Suit

A good suit is a must and the foundation of any formal wardrobe. There are so many good suit designers to choose from. Versa, Armani, Hugo Boss, and Polo are all examples of good entry level suits that are made from fine fabrics and stitched well. You can also find many professional suit makers that will custom tailor a suit for you from your desired choice of fabric. This is slightly more expensive but well worth the money. Try to avoid suits that are off the rack and cheap.

Everyone can spot a cheap suit, there is just something about the lines that don’t add up. Get your suit tailored by a professional after you have purchased it. A good suit will need to have the length of the jacket arms, the waist and the shoulders adjusted, as well as the pants waist and length. Go for a fitting with your tailor and get the job done right.

4 A Pair of Good Shoes

A good pair of shoes compliments your suit. Stick to classic leather formal shoes that have clean lines and laces. Stick to as few lacing holes as you can, four would be best, and make sure that they are always polished well. Choose the color to reflect the color of your suit. Black shoes for a dark suit and brown shoes for lighter colors. Remember to focus on quality, people will often judge you by your suit, tie, and shoes when making their first impression of you.

3 Original Cufflinks

Not all shirts require cufflinks but if you find yourself going to a special event, then break out the French double cuffs and reach for a pair of cufflinks. Cufflinks really round out an outfit when used sensibly. Avoid gold cufflinks at all cost and rather opt for something cleaner or more elegant. Titanium or polished silver are fantastic choices. For the cufflink design, choose something that’s clean and has a simple design. A beveled effect, clean checks, or a simple onyx in the corner are great design ideas for your cufflinks. Unless you are a playboy millionaire, avoid the faux diamonds, it just makes you look silly.

2 A Skinny Tie

Some people say that ties are on the way out. We couldn’t disagree anymore. A good tie brings together a suit and jacket in a way that spells elegant style. Ties come in all different styles, colors, and designs. The latest fashion designs are all reverting back to a skinny style that matches the thinner lapels of jackets. This leaves plenty of room for the shirt to shine through and creates a more open feel to the suit.

1 A Wonderful Watch

Your timepiece is a critical part of your formal dress. Most people cannot afford a Rolex or a Hublot and that’s okay, you are not expected to flaunt your wealth on your wrist, you are merely using it to accentuate your style and show people your taste and flair Pick up an inexpensive, but not cheap watch that emphasizes your style. The most popular current styles are square faces and oversized faces. Unless your watch is a premium brand and made from precious metals, avoid using a metallic strap and stick to plain black or brown stitched leather.

In Closing

You don’t need to spend a fortune to look great but it does help if you can.

Remember to buy quality over quantity. Chances are that you won’t bring out the good stuff all that often, so when you do, make a statement. It doesn’t cost a fortune to dress smartly,all it takes is a little shopping around for the right deal.

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