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How to Do Your First Date and How to make it Memorable?

July 1, 2018

So it happened to find the girl of your dreams, and you want to become the best man that she could have. In order to do that, you’ll need to win her over from the very first date.

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The whole situation is probably overwhelming. We’ve written this article to show you that you can be the man that a girl wants and you can meet her expectations easily.

Make it right

Never, ever, break up with a person through text. So why ask out a person through a text? This is only acceptable after you went out with her for the first time. When you ask her out, you should make it special for her. So ask her out in person. It is terrifying, but it means so much to a girl to do it in person.

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Also, you don’t need to make a really big scene, don’t make it too obvious. Instead of asking “will you go on a date with me”, ask her if she’d “hang out with you sometime”. If she says yes, go for it. If she says “no”, then just say “okay, see you later then” and leave. There’s no use in begging.

Choose the best place for your date

It doesn’t have to be an expensive restaurant. It’s actually advisable to not take her there on the first date (or it is, if you want to see if she’s a gold digger). Instead, take her somewhere where you can make memories together. Take her to a park, or an ice cream shop, or a bowling alley.

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It’s not the money that counts, but the time spent together.

Don’t forget to choose your outfit

After you’ve asked her out and chose a place for your date, it’s time to pick your outfit. You should decide on the clothes depending on the location you go to just as much as on what you’re going to do. Girl love when guys dress formal (save this one for a dinner date).

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If you’re going to the park,  a shirt and some jeans should do it.

Be careful about your manners

Your manners should not be forgotten at all times. Some girls might not like when you curse, for example. It really depends on the girl. Get to know her a bit from your conversations and don’t do something that might bother her, you wouldn’t want to turn her off from the very first date (or ever, as a matter of fact).

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Get to know her: ask questions

We all know that girls love talking about themselves. So if you ask lots of questions, you might have a solid shot at her. This shows you really are interested in her and into getting to know her and she’ll love it.

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Start with a “How was your day?”. Then ask her about education, college, her plans after. Ask her about her free time and about her loved ones.

Allow her to know you

Especially if we’re talking about the first date, you both need to “cooperate” – give each other a chance to tell about yourselves. You’ll start to feel more comfortable around each other and this way, you’ll also see if you’re right for each other and if you want to take things further.

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You can get nervous, but you shouldn’t be. Tell her about college, your family, your pets. She might be afraid to ask some questions, even if she’d like to know more. You should be the one to make this step towards her. This is your chance to show her that you’re entertaining and kind. Also, don’t lie to make yourself look something that you’re not. Just be honest, girls love honesty.

Make some compliments

Girls adore being complimented, even if you don’t like saying them. Compliments are necessary: they give confidence to our bodies and they show that you’re interested in us. To make it easier for you to compliment her, follow her on Instagram or add her on Facebook (why not both?).

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Then look at her photos. When you see something worth complimenting her for, just do it. If you find a picture of her that’s nice, say something like “I’ve seen your pictures and this one I really like”. If she likes you, she’ll feel flattered.

Pay the bill

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This is a traditional thing to do, and it’s not necessary, but some girls are still old-fashioned (just for the first date!!). This shows that you really liked your date and that you’re sweet and thoughtful.

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