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5 Diet Trends to Follow

July 20, 2017

When it comes to diet trends, we know that they keep on changing every year. However, there are some foods that are both rich in health as well as in taste, therefore, they stay on the menu lists of the restaurants for a long time.

Food loving people are everywhere around the globe. Some are cautious about their diet while some are not as they can’t compromise on taste. However, it is important to follow a diet that is not harmful for you because diet plays one of the most important roles in keeping you healthy.

Here are 5 recent diet trends to follow:

The Fiber Diet

Fiber is one of the most needed ingredients for our body. It not only prevents weight gain but also helps to reduce weight. A diet which contains fibers green beans, strawberries, chickpeas and raspberries are rich in fiber and  helps to remove the excessive fat that is inside our body, mainly from the belly and chest. Some foods that are rich in fiber include peas, broccoli, black beans and lentils.

Cholesterol is a factor that can disturb the balance of your body a lot. Fiber containing foods also help to regulate the cholesterol level and keep it normal. Fiber is also helpful for people who have stomach issues such as poor bowel movements. It helps to normalize the bowel movements and thus passage of stool becomes easy.

Skin Improving Diet

Fish is said to improve the quality of your skin and also prevent skin cancers from happening. Including salmon and tuna fish in your diet helps you to fight the harmful UV rays. These foods defend your skin against various other chemicals in the surrounding as well.

The best thing about fish is the omega-3 fatty acids in it as they are believed to have various benefits. Many people even consume supplements containing omega-3 due to the benefits they have. They are said to improve your mental health and also prevent heart problems. However, the best way to get it is to consume food instead of supplements.

A Water Rich Diet

We all know how important water is for our body. Deficiency of water can lead to several dangerous problems in our body. For people who don’t like to fulfill the everyday water necessity can turn to diet which is rich in water.

Try to consume fruits such as the watermelon; it is rich in vitamin C and also contains an antioxidant called lycopene which helps to prevent heart diseases and cancer. Besides watermelon, there’s cucumber which contains 95% water, green salads are also rich in water (90%) and last but not the least, strawberries that contain 91% water.

Olive Oil

A combination of vegetables along with a small quantity of olive oil is icing on the cake. Olive oil contains many benefits. It helps to neutralize fats in the body and the antioxidant in it helps to fight major diseases such as breast and colon cancer. It is beneficial for both men and women because it helps to keep the weight maintained.


Women should regularly take olive oil in their diet because according to a study, the rate of breast cancer was reduced up to 12% in women who regularly took olive oil in their diet. It is also said to have several other benefits, so try to turn to food cooked in olive oil.

Low Fat Diet

Foods which are rich in fat are not good for health because fats don’t get digested easily, therefore, it is important to ensure that your diet contains low fat. A low fat diet keeps your cholesterol level and weight in check. Plant foods such as vegetables and fruits are low in fats and also beneficial for mental and physical health.

A good option is to include salads and fruits along with every meal so that your food gets properly digested.

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