8 Best Shoes for women to Wear with a Pencil Skirt

July 1, 2018

Undoubtedly, your pencil skirt redefines smartness. It’s one of the best clothing a girl can easily wear to any event. A pencil skirt made out of pure cotton can easily be worn at the workplace while the one made out of jean material can be used for any occasion.

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For that reason, you can put on it at many events and make many heads turn back! However, it’s very important to wear a suitable shoe that complements the skirt. You might get baffled about what would fit your attire the perfect. Therefore, here is a collection of shoes you can easily choose to seize attention! Are you gonna wear your beloved pencil skirt right now? Here are some different shoes which go well with it. To learn which would be the pair you want to wear with your pencil skirt, continue reading.


1. Kitten High heels

Kitten high heels are a vogue these days. Not just because they look amazing, but also because they give you good ease and comfort. Most of this footwear can be used with formal dresses in addition to funky denim pencil skirts.

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They are available in an array of vibrant shades including red, yellow, green and white. They usually are referred to as real womanly goods and need to be featured really well to enrich your clothing. Most of these are pointed at the front end and have   slender high heels.

2. Pencil Heels

Pencil heels are made to offer you that most preferred look. They are an ideal set of footwear to use on silk and cotton pencil skirts. They are a bit tricky to carry because the high heels are quite pointed at the bottom and therefore will make you feel uneasy sometimes.

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However, you can work on using them a couple of times and carry them off in that case. Since they have high heels, they’ll make you look taller. Therefore, if you are already a heightened lady, decide to wear them sensibly.

3. Flats

Of all the fashionable shoes for women in the world, flats are classified as the beloved ones! You cannot only use them on skirts, but on every single clothes, you finally choose. Flats are generally made from 100 % pure natural leather which is the primary factor providing you best ease and comfort to the feet. Additionally, they are available in many different colors.

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They’ll make you look elegant while paired with corduroy skirts. Flats are widely used for casual parties, especially in pool parties because water all around the pool area would make vulnerable to slip on the floor so that the flats will give you a safer walk.

4. Loafers

Loafers are usually designed for business use. They are most suitable for polyester and cotton pencil skirts. To have that business look, pick badge or black colored loafers.

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They have a strip and a slim buckle on the ankle. Generally, they don’t have high heels or even in case they do; these heels have a nice flat base to make it less difficult to walk. You’ll find most of these loafers made from a variety of fabrics, starting from natural leather to cotton.

5. Business Shoes

If you’re looking for any standard formal shoes, business shoes are the option. The “not-so-pointed” shape at its front and the high heels will add to the traditional look they usually provide. Many of this footwear go rather well with a silk cotton pencil skirt. Most of this footwear help the calf muscles adequately and can make you appear like a real businesswoman.

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Be sure you gloss them every single time you want to wear them. Dark-colored usually looks vibrant and therefore is most desired. These shoes are very stylish in look and will definitely turn many heads at your workplace. You are advised to wear black or any dark colors so they can look less noticeable and look decent as well. The shocking colors can make you look odd, so avoid them.

6. Calf Footwear

Calf shoes or boots are yet another set of perfect shoes to use for silk cotton pencil skirts. You can use them while you need to go out to conference meetings. They give you incredibly cozy padding from inside thus make strolling a satisfying experience.

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They have a long zip that contributes to the ease and comfort as well as the look. More to the point, they go over the legs to the lower legs and give them a beautifully shaped look.

7. Platforms

Platforms are usually high heels which include a flat bottom part. Quite often, pointed heels can give you cramping pains in the higher half portion of the calf muscles. Footwear and flip-flops that usually have a flat base look good on cotton pencil skirts.

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They do not go with jean material dresses and therefore that ought to be averted. They offer a stylish look thus can be used with night dresses at the same time. You may try out shades, but my advice is always to go for white or black. They have a slender buckle over the ankle that improves the style.

8. Stilettos

Stilettos are usually a time-tested craze. Be sure you pick heeled stilettos to make the thighs look big. They’ll give the legs an incredible look and will accentuate your skirt nicely. Use them on silk, cotton and jean material dresses and make yourself the celebrity of the night! Stilettos and skirts have long been a wealthy mixture. Try out bright and light colors and get a lot of words of flattery.

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A well-known fact about stilettos which most of the women are not aware of is that the thread line of leather which goes around your leg is removable and therefore can easily be changed!

I wish you like the ideas provided above. I’d recommend you to truly see yourself in your mirror while you pair any shoes with the skirt so that you can see your complete look. So, give them a try, I’m confident you will look beautiful!

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Seven Secrets to Buy Women’s Designer Shoes – #6 Is Must Check

October 27, 2017

Buying online makes it easier for you; an effortless way to purchase women’s shoes on the web with just a click of your mouse. We uncover the 7 secrets to purchasing Area Trend women’s designer shoes in the following parts.

The First Secret: Compare and Contrast Designers


While visiting any designer store during the sale is like coping with mayhem, to buy that best pair. On the other hand, you can easily flick through several custom collections. Make a comparison and then buy the right one. It is just like getting all the designers in one place.

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The 2nd Secret: Have A Close Look

It is quite annoying to need to bargain a continuous whip of war while shopping for your designer/stylist footwear from your nearest store during the sale. You aren’t getting even to have a close look at the shoe you buy. On the other hand, when on the internet you can easily choose your pair and purchase women’s designer shoes easily by looking and inspecting the pair from different angles.

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The 3rd Secret: Know Your Size

Normally, to buy women’s designer footwear, you ought to get your size right. It’s very easy to make a mistake in that one particular spot. Normally, the overall shoe size and the custom size differ a lot.

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The 4th Secret: Women’s Designer Footwear for Sale

It’s very organic to get a sale when you buy women’s designer shoes on the internet. The websites cater to a lot of people around the globe, therefore do not get surprised to find a sale whenever you check in. This clarifies that getting low-priced designer footwear for women isn’t a problem anymore.

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The 5th Secret: Is Your Designer Shoe Faux?

This is actually the question that will normally come to the mind when you choose to buy designer shoes on the internet. Cross-checking the credibility of the sites you browse is a smart decision. Generally try reading an overview of the website you search in, which will provide you with a clear concept of which websites you can trust for affordable designer shoes for women.


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The 6th Secret: Check the Delivery Charges

Yes, you got it right, I am not kidding. It’s yet another area you need to clarify about when you pay. Shipping and delivery costs should not be any hidden clause; it’s normally very minimal in most of the websites. On the other hand, making clear and then finally determining the price, which you’ll pay eventually, is what you have to do.

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The 7th Secret: Read the Stipulations

The last but not the least condition while purchasing the designer pair that you simply loved is to squander a bit of time and go through the stipulations thoroughly. This may prevent you buying the wrong pair of shoes


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The top benefits of shoe insoles

July 27, 2017

Not many might be aware of the various benefits of shoe insoles. As a large portion of readers might still be wondering what are shoe insoles good for, we prepare to delve into what makes them great and what the benefit of using insoles are.  The fact that not everyone is aware of what insoles can do for the foot just shows that this product had definitely got way too little attention for all the support it has provided since its popularization in some circles. Without further delay, here are the top reasons you might want to consider shoe insoles as a viable and practical option.

Pain control

Insoles are able to reduce the foot pain one feels especially after long walking or running sessions. Without insoles, that pain would definitely be more intense and a lot harder to withstand. Just the fact that it helps you not be nearly as much in pain as you would be without them should provide plenty of explanation as to why they are so beneficial, but there’s more.

Shock and pressure control

If you’re walking on a treadmill, you can expect a flat and even surface the entire way. However, we don’t spend our lives on treadmills and whenever we want to walk somewhere in the real world, we will experience different levels and the eventual shock produced by bumps, rocks caught under our foot or even shock from jumping a moderate to large distance down. The insoles are responsible for absorbing a large portion of that shock so that the aftermath doesn’t weight heavily on the user. Also, the body pressure that is applied on the foot will also be distributed evenly, making sure that you don’t have to drag your body through a demanding physical experience every time you feel like taking a simple walk.

Motion control

Have you ever found yourself walking funny in a pair of shoes that just weren’t for you? Not having insoles can also lead to that as the insoles provide valuable foot motion stabilization. This helps the user to remain balanced and to make symmetric movements when walking. It’s one of the most important characteristic brought forward by insoles.

Arch support

This is another invaluable feature as it helps the user maintain an arched and healthy position while walking. There’s nothing worse than adopting an unhealthy walking position where you don’t sit upright. It can turn from a bad habit into a serious condition at any moment and it’s best to just avoid that kind of dilemma by using insoles that provide arch support.

Protecting the skin

The muscles in your foot are very important but so is the skin. The skin also needs to be protected from the various dangers that come with footwear and walking or running in general. Those that do not use insoles might experience a significantly increased amount of blisters, fatigue and foot rubbing. These symptoms are of the unpleasant variety and the combination of pain and annoyance is hard to deal with.

Less pain in general

The foot is not the only part of the body that can experience pain as a direct result of walking or running, or doing anything with your feet for that matter. You can suffer from back pain or heel pain, or even knee pain if not careful with the kind of footwear you use. Insoles are capable of providing enough support so that these types of discomfort never reach you.

These are some of the best reasons for which you should really think again before you claim that shoe insoles don’t provide enough value. If you’ve made the mistake of removing the ones that came with your footwear, make sure to put them back in as they provide a wide array of benefits as aforementioned. If footwear you use regularly didn’t come with insoles, consider buying some for that particular pair of shoes. Insoles shouldn’t be expensive and everybody should be able to afford a pair for their shoes.

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Top reasons why you absolutely need shoe insoles

It’s been a very long time since the cave man realized that roaming around the world with bare feet isn’t a very good idea and that there are ways to make it less painful. However, many years and types of shoes later, there are still people out there that aren’t pushing for the utmost comfort when it comes to footwear. The quality of the shoe obviously matters tremendously, but in many situations it’s also a matter of having show insoles.


Don’t know what shoe insoles are? Shoe insoles are the removable bit of material that you can find in most footwear. They have the shape of a footprint and they provide many benefits. If you’re the kind that takes the shoe insoles out of the shoe before wearing a new pair of shoes, reading this article might sway you to revise that decision. If you’re interested in finding out why shoe insoles are an absolute must, keep reading this article. Next, we are going to look at the top benefits of shoe insoles in your shoes.


The benefits of having shoe insoles inside your shoes at all time

Reducing foot pain

This is probably the main reason that people wear shoe insoles. The insoles are able to reduce foot pain significantly and make walking large distances less of a hassle. You will be able to admire your surrounding or pay attention to them and the people around you instead of focusing solely on your feet and how much they hurt. If you have quality shoe insoles, you will also be able to last a lot longer before any kind of discomfort settles in on large distances. For small distances, you won’t encounter any discomfort when you have shoe insoles.


Shock and pressure absorption

As you can tell by yourself, there are many different textures outside and even a straight road, path or sidewalk can provide plenty discomfort and massive pain due to the fact that they aren’t always leveled. Having to deal with different pressure levels at all time, not to mention the various shocks and pressures coming from stepping on things or jumping and running for instance.

Having show insoles will absorb all that extra tension so that it doesn’t go into your feet. Having shoe insoles will also prevent you getting blisters and other types of damage to your feet. Given the amount of things that can lead to such inconveniences,  insoles are very much needed to prevent them.


When you walk, you need a lot of support so you can stand upright and walk efficiently. The body takes care of most of that naturally but there are still some things that it needs in order for you to be able to walk straight and firmly at all times. Shoe insoles will provide arch support will keep you upright, as well as motion stabilization which will help you keep your balance.

These are just some of the benefits that come with having quality shoe insoles and not just the bare shoe. If you’d thought that there is no reason to keep insoles around, you might want to give it another shot. Having shoe insoles is about a number of things, but mostly it’s a combination of staying healthy and maintain your feet that way and feeling comfortable.

For the latter category, the shoe insoles do an amazing job of shielding you from all the unpleasant feelings you might experience while walking such as stepping on small rocks or feeling the shock of jumping from a high place. Your health benefits from shoe insoles in a more indirect manner as the benefits can be more easily observed in the long terms.

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