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4 Steps To Achieve A Great Hairstyle For Your Engagement Party

July 20, 2017

Engagement parties are wonderful because they are the unofficial debut of a commitment. The love between two people often times spawns magical events where that love is professed and evidenced. The engagement party is one of them, and no matter if you’re going to one as a guest or as a host, there’s one thing beyond doubt: you need a killer hairstyle that will attract all the eyes at the party. Along with emphasis is put on the hairstyle for engagement, engagement party hairstyles.  Being the center of attention at such an even doesn’t come easy however and you will need to put in a little bit of work when it comes to planning your hair styling session. However, if you follow these steps you will definitely be able to brag about your glamorous ‘do.

Step 1, Make an appointment


One of the worse mistakes that you can make when it comes to this kind of thing is to assume that your hairstylist of choice will just wait for you with an open door. You won’t be able to just waltz in and sit in their chair whenever you want, as they have appointments of their own, with other customers. Make sure that you can get an appointment set, and do it. Call the hair place where you want to manage the way you are going to look at the engagement party and make sure it’s as early as possible. You should schedule an appointment even a few months before in advance.

Step 2,

Get a test trial going



If you have never done this sort of thing before and are new to taking hairstyles to this level, you might be a little confused as to what a test trial actually is. It can be called a number of things, not necessarily a test trial. Most people called it a hair trial actually. The point of this styling session is to sit down with your hairstylist and go through a number of options that you might be interested in trying out before the big event. If you have more than one hairstyle that you like, you need to choose between them as soon as possible, not the day before the event. This will give the stylist enough time to prepare and to make the most of their work on your hair.

Step 3, Return for the final styling

After everything is set and ready, you can schedule the main hairstyling appointment. This is when you style your hair in preparation for the coming event, so you ideally want to do it with plenty of time before the event starts but not too much so that the hairdo gets messed up before the party even starts. Usually it’s done with a day or maximum two before, so when the party starts you get the most out of what you paid a lot for. The bigger the gap between the styling and the event, the more time you will need to be super careful about your hair. You definitely will not be able to sleep in all the wacky positions that you usually sleep in. so keep that in mind before you rush to get your hairstyle ready more than two days before the event.

Step 4, Show up and enjoy everyone’s praise

Now that you hair is ready for the event, all that’s left on your part is to show up at the event and impress everyone. This is your time to shine (unless you’re not the one getting engaged, case in which you should leave some room for the actual bride-to-be).

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