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Exploring the World of Leather Bag Brands

July 29, 2017

Do you feel that you are missing out on something when you do not have your leather handbag with you? Are you the sort of person who is addicted to putting all the essentials in your handbag? Well, if this is the case, then you should keep updating your collection.

What tends to confuse you the most is which leather handbags brands to choose? We will make things easy for you and give you the insight about the best brands in NYC.

Exploring the world of leather handbags

  • Gigi:This is one of the most popular brands in NYC. It has an awesome variety of handbags and clutches. The foldover and convertible clutches offered by Gigi are great for casual occasions. The designs have this finesse to them, and the color varieties are simply amazing.

  • Barneys: Well, Barneys New York also offers an extensive variety of leather handbags. Now, these handbags are designed from a practical perspective. For example, the Saint Laurent bags are spacious and are perfect for working women who want to carry their essentials in style. If you decide to buy from Barneys, you will notice that these bags have this touch of sophistication in them.

  • Botkier: You can never say no to the mesmerizing collection of leather handbags brands by Botkier. What you will love about this brand is that their designs are not restricted to a certain age group. An excellent example of this is the Soho Tote. This bag is available in sober as well bright color varieties which make it an all-time favorite. Every handbag of this brand has this fresh touch to it, so you will never get bored of the designs.

  • Zana Bayne: Now if you are looking for sexy and chic handbags, then this brand will fulfill your needs. The interesting part is that the designs of this brand have a unique touch to them. For example, the Pentagram Handbag is one of the superb creations. It is shaped to give a minimal look and gives the sleek feel. The leather material adds this element of durability to this handbag.

  • Kara: If you are looking for an out of box approach when it comes to leather bags, then this brand is bound to meet your expectations. They showcase the designer’s genius. The perfect example is their Blush Pink Micro Satchel. It is made up of pebble grained leather along with a perfect cross body strap that tends to give this stylish look to the bag. The best part is that you will not find any monotony in the designs.

Now when you have to make your choice, you should not fall for the first bag that comes your way. If you are a brand addict, it is vital that you should compare the brands and the quality of the bags. At the same time, you need to visualize your needs so that you end up spending your money on the most suitable bag only.

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