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After Care Tips for Laser Hair Removal

July 1, 2018

You have had a hair removal treatment; don’t you think it will be necessary for you to take a few precautions. Yes, for your well-being you have to keep away from harsh chemicals. Keeping that in mind, we are discussing the necessary precautions you have to take after such complicated procedures.

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The Obvious Stuff

You need to remember that you cooked the hair follicles. This didn’t burn your skin, but it can get worse if you don’t care for it properly.  Yes, you need to care for your skin right after getting a laser hair treatment.

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Your skin is sensitive and raw; it needs proper care to make sure you don’t develop skin diseases. Following, we are giving you a few tips!

  • The treatment site is going to be red and swollen for a while. Expect redness to last a few days, but swelling should fade away after 5 hours. If it doesn’t, see the professionals who performed laser therapy, they will help you out
  • Avoid cosmetic products for four days after your treatment. Don’t even use acne creams on the treated area
  • Use plain water, or mild cleanser to wash, otherwise keep it moisturized
  • Pat dry for the next five days to prevent irritation
  • Bath and shower, just avoid hot water and harsh cleansers. Don’t exfoliate the treated area for at least a week
  • You have to treat your skin with extra care for the first day
  • You may notice a crust developing on your skin, this is normal, and you better wait for it to go away on its own. Stop using skin care products until its completely gone
  • Don’t use skin products that have artificial dye, and alcohol for at least a week
  • Don’t shave for a few days
  • Keep track of how many days your skin remained red, and show it to your professional the next time you visit

The Extreme Precautions

The above precautions were very obvious. You don’t need to use any cosmetic product for a few days, and keep your skin moisturized. But the story doesn’t end there. In fact, if you have sensitive skin, or are prone to develop skin problems, you should revert to some extreme measures such as:

  • Avoid swimming, hot tub, sauna, etc. We know it’s frustrating, but this is for your own good

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  • Avoid the temptation of rubbing or scratching treated area. You don’t have to feel how smooth your skin feels after every second
  • Don’t pick blister in case one forms; it will only make things worse
  • Avoid using a tanning bed, especially if you are scheduled for another treatment

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  • Avoid wax, and pluck for at least a week

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We understand if you are upset with the strict guidelines, but they are for your own good. You need to take great care of your skin after a hair removal treatment. Any carelessness will have a dire price. So, you need to be on your guard for this.

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If you have done something irrational, and your skin is reacting poorly, you better contact your treatment facility and ask for OTC medicine. You can also apply antibiotic ointment until your skin gets better.

Hair removal remains one of themost popular non-surgical cosmetic procedure. There are different techniques, and every clinic has their own approach. To learn more, visit

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