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Nail Fungus: 5 Myths to Bust

July 29, 2017

Nail fungus is a common disease which can occur to anybody, and is said to be more common among people over the age of 60. There are some people who are well informed about the symptoms and correct treatment regarding nail fungus but there are still some people who believe in the false things related to nail fungus. They are nothing but myths.

Without further ado, let us have a look at 5 nail fungus myths that we need to bust:

Myth #1 – Only Unhygienic People Can Get Nail Fungus 

Despite the fact that we’d all jump at the chance to conclude that onychomycosis (nail fungus) just hits unhygienic people, it is utterly wrong. One thing to realize is that nail fungus loves to develop in dull, moist spots.

While it is true that the risk factor is increased if you do not take care of hygiene, but believing that bathing daily and other such acts will protect you is wrong. The problem usually occurs in summers, due to wearing gloves and socks etc., and that’s what has to be beaten.

Myth #2 – Nail Fungus Can Be Cured By Removing The Nail

Sometimes, nail fungus ends up getting severely ugly and affects the entire nail. When this is the case, a surgical treatment is a must. However, this is not the only solution.

Removal of the nail is not an initial option but the last. Although this technique is carried out by sedating the patient, it still shows its effects afterward. The best choice is to have your nails treated early so that a surgery can be avoided.

Myth #3 – It Does Not Take Much Time To Cure Nail Fungus

This thinking is also wrong. Nail fungus requires time to heal because the medications need to penetrate the nail and reach the bed and to achieve that, the patient is required to apply medications for many months.

The correct way is to keep applying the medication on the contaminated nail until you get positive results and decrease the level of pain and the new nail starts to develop in. There’s no doubt that this requires some serious time.

The development of new nails is very slow. Studies have shown that the development rates to be as follows:

●    Fingernails: 3 mm a month

●    Toenails: 1 mm a month

This implies it would require a long time for a contaminated nail to be replaced by a new nail. And the saying that it does not require plenty of time is a myth.

Myth #4 – White Spots On Your Nail Imply That You Need To Consume More Calcium

The white spot on our nail can mean so much more than a deficiency of calcium. The truth is that these can be a sign of something serious, such as nail fungus.

Studies have confirmed that these white spots don’t show a particular vitamin insufficiency.

  • What to do when these white spots show up?

There is no better treatment, however, to grow them out. Our nails are transitory parts of our body that will develop and improve with time.

If these spots give off an impression of being darker than common, it’s best to counsel a doctor because you might be developing a nail fungus over your nail.

Myth # 5 – OTC Medicines are The Best

Never go for OTC medicines as pedefix side effects are common. The best option is to go to a doctor or try home remedies. While OTC medicines are pretty cheap and come easily, the side effects can be a big problem.

Now that the myths have been busted, we hope you’d be in a better position to safeguard yourself.

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